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Ela Alone... Ela with Friends... Ela with Family...

Ela Monday... Ela Thursday... Ela Friday... Ela Saturday...

Ela all week... Ela Souvlaki...


The challenge

As seen in the branding case study for this client, Ela Souvlaki was the result of a visionary idea to introduce a new approach to souvlaki eating in Cyprus. In planning the advertising campaign for Ela Souvlaki, it was important for Ultima to define an appropriate marketing mix and to specify a set of consistent USPs and communication objectives.


Target groups

In order to reach the wider Cypriot market, Ela Souvlaki would have to address threats from its established competitors (eg McDonalds) in the local, regional and national arenas.


Market segmentation

The proposed segmentation distinguished between young people who go to fast food restaurants because it is fashionable and working adults who buy fast food because it is convenient. Secondly, in demographic terms, Ultima suggested dividing the targeted segment of the potential new venture into two groups: younger single people between the ages of 16-20, and working adults and families.


Unique selling propositions (USP)

According to Ultima's research on behalf of this client, the most important criteria for regular fast food consumers are quality and freshness of the food along with fast service and delivery.

Ultima therefore introduced Quality, Fast Service and Freshness as Ela Souvlaki's USPs. Each selling proposition and promotional element should attempt to highlight these three concepts and use them as the pathway through which Ela Souvlaki would obtain a secure competitive advantage.



Advertising campaign and communication strategy

Ultima proposed a communication strategy for Ela Souvlaki that would reflect the major themes of its brand essence, which involved the notion of a modern approach to souvlaki eating and the convenience of modern fast food dining, which would appeal both to families and young people. More specifically, the advertising mix of the proposed campaign would involve the use of the following major advertising channels:

Billboard advertising

Printing advertising

Radio adverts


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