Signature Lux Homes

The challenge

Signature Luxury Homes faced a situation in which its operation lacked an effective USP, while it had to anticipate significant competition from a number of relatively large-scale and well established players. Ultima suggested a communication mix that would generate an effective USP for the company.




Unique selling propositions (USP)

According to Ultima's market analysis and consumer diagnosis, Signature Luxury Homes faced a high level of competition, and dealt with relatively sensitive consumers.


Competition & market share

According to a survey undertaken by Ultima for Signature Luxury Homes, the property development sector in the wider Pafos area consists of approximately 60 companies of various sizes and USP orientations.


Target groups

The target group of Signature Luxury Homes consists of foreign, mainly English speaking prospective buyer of property. Accordingly, this major loyal segment could be divided into various sub-segments which might be useful to target separately, in order to achieve optimum communicational effectiveness.



Signature Luxury Homes communicated its USP through the "You'll go green" campaign by emphasising that it builds steel-framed houses that are:

Environmentally friendly

Cost effective for heating and cooling ( saving of 80% )

30% less expensive than concrete

Damp and mould proof

Earthquake and hurricane proof

Guaranteed for ten years


"You'll go green"

The concept of ecological or green building emerged as a strong selling proposition and thus a generator of competitive advantage.

Ultima devised the phrase "You'll go green", which has dual meanings, simultaneously emphasising the environmentally friendly approach of the company and highlighting the notion of admiration and envy regarding the Signature Lux Homes pricing policy and location selection. This slogan expressed a compelling USP.

Advertising campaign & communication strategy

Ultima's campaign based on the "You'll go green" concept involved diverse communicational tools, including print, billboards and wall ads to communicate a set of unique attributes in two basic creative versions. The first option featured the slogan "You'll go green" on a green surface with the text written in a lighter tone of the same color, with an illustration of a female face in the background.

The second version featured the slogan illustrated by a leaf and the shadow of a male face, both in a darker green color.

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