Ultima's processes are a dynamic evolution of our core system.

We want to help you get the best out of your available budget to reach your final goals of profit, brand competitiveness and customer loyalty. Our working methodology, based on a dedicated focus of the brand and its relationship with your consumer, is defined by four key points.

Source point

We begin when you decide it is necessary to advertise. To initiate the process, we start by asking: Who are you? What is your brand's place in the market? Who are your competitors? For whom is the brand necessary and why?


Key point: The brand



Break point

Together we must deliver a well thought-out, distinct and convincing message to your consumer. The break point is the significant redirection of public attention towards your brand. To overcome the inherent public skepticism towards advertising, the real carriers of the brand's benefits must be reinforced continuously.


Key point: Public awareness


The point of difference

By focusing attention on the brand, we identify its specific qualities as perceived by the target group. Key benefits are defined in accordance with the expectations and aspirations of your consumers, highlighting your brand's individuality and competitive differentiators. The creative aspect of our process begins at this point and follows a unique path based on what your brand requires from us. We never restrict the creative process by applying a uniform code. The only framework which we use is one in which the key benefits are carefully defined. Our solutions may be simple or complex, humorous or serious, colourful or monochrome, expansive or restrained. Our strength is not in the application of uniformity but in the appropriateness of our end-product.


Key point: Key benefit


The point of effectiveness

An effective advertisement is one which strengthens the relationship between your brand and your consumer. This relationship is the only relevant gauge of the success of your campaign. The moment your brand takes its place in the market, you can be sure that the advertisement has created a positive reaction and that the definition of the source point was correct.

At this point the creative loop is closed. Further improvements to your advertising effectiveness require that we return to the source together with greater knowledge and understanding of you and your customers.


Key point: Relationship between your brand and your consumer


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