Tsepa Construction and Developers

"Built for life"

The challenge

Tsepa Group asked Ultima to help formulate an effective advertising campaign when the group, already well known as a construction company, wanted to become established as a property developer as well.





Unique selling propositions (USP)

Ultima devised the following set of USPs for Tsepa Group:

"Built to last"

"Build on trust"

"Quality of construction equals quality of life"

"Good Investment, only if well constructed"

"Constructing to higher standards"



Ultima carried out market research to explore the market and the competition in order to formulate transparent communication objectives.


Communication Objectives:

The principal goal of the proposed campaign was to communicate that, in addition to being a construction company, Tsepa acts as a property developer and has its own properties for sale. With this in mind, Ultima formulated the campaign to accomplish the following objectives:

Raise brand awareness regarding Tsepa brand

Build name recognition

Establish Tsepa's image as a property developer

Boost sales


Target groups

Ultima's research identified two main target groups:

Developing: The target group of this segment consists of retired foreigners between 40 and 60 years old wanting to buy property in Cyprus. These foreigners choose Cyprus for the sun and relaxed lifestyle. Preferred locations for the proposed segment are quiet out of town areas with unspoilt views.

Construction & Development: This target group is made up of young Cypriot couples looking to build their own houses.


These couples usually buy their first property on a temporary basis in order to avoid rental costs. In some cases, however, they tend to choose a construction company that can build relatively big houses with a total area of at least 200 square metres. Ultima found that the consumer behaviour of this target group involved buying properties in residential and relatively central areas, buying new properties rather than resales, and buying from established companies with extensive know-how.

Supporting reasons for choosing Tsepa

Ultima's aim was to create a campaign that would enable Tsepa to communicate these USPs, which reinforced the reasons for choosing Tsepa. Among these reasons, the campaign concentrated on the following:

20 years’ experience

In-house civil engineers and architects

Extensive construction portfolio



Advertising campaign & communication strategy

In response to the proposed USPs, the advertising campaign proposed by Ultima involved print and billboard advertisements based on the following two concepts:


"Size doesn't count" but quality and the personal touch certainly do. The campaign introduces the “Stone vs. Diamond” concept to point out that the quality and personal care offered by Tsepa outweigh its small size because Tsepa build for life.


"Bank on us..." This second advertising concept featured the following text: "When it comes to building your home, you should always go for a name that's known and trusted. When a major bank decided to renovate all their branches in Limassol and Paphos, they turned to Tsepa Construction and Developers to cash in on their experience of over twenty years in the construction and building business. Is there really any other way to get such a good return on the best investment you will ever make?"

Both advertising concepts respond to the proposed USPs, the first by highlighting that size does not determine the value of an investment (via the visualisation of a stone and a diamond), the second by highlighting the investment value of good construction and the high level of Tsepa's trust, on which the potential property owners should "bank" in order to make a lifetime investment.


Sales increase

Increased brand awareness and brand recognition

Service range awearness


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