City Wok

The challenge

A young entrepreneur wanted Ultima to assist him in realising his vision of creating new standards and bringing fresh ideas to the oriental takeaway food market. Ultima's role was to help him understand the forces shaping the Cypriot take away food market in order to generate a unique and effective brand identity for his new business.


Ultima undertook a careful analysis of the factors affecting the market for the planned business enterprise to help develop the best possible branding solution. According to the results of this research, the company's new approach to the presentation of oriental takeaway food was a significant strength.

The branding structure process

Ultima developed a number of criteria through which the potential enterprise could maximise the market strength of the new brand.


The market

This new venture would clearly operate within the market of higher quality take away food. To get a clearer idea of the specific market of City Wok, Ultima undertook a thorough review of the wider Cyprus takeaway food market.



In response to the market situation, Ultima developed the City Wok brand name, which appealed to the target segments of consumers by inviting them to taste pure oriental food in a brand new package. The entire branding of City Wok was conducted in a way that would reflect a revolutionary approach to oriental eating.

The aim

to ensure the competitive strength of the brand and its ability to survive and gain sufficient market share among its potential branded competitors

Target groups and ideal market share

The wider take away food sector within which this client aimed to compete had experienced extensive levels of growth in recent decades but the market had reached maturity. Accordingly, Ultima wanted to create a brand that would have the potential to obtain a large market share within this challenging market.

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