The challenge

Demokritou approached Ultima with the idea of forming an exceptional and distinguished brand personality for their plumbing, heating and cooling company. Ultima studied all the forces affecting the home market for Demokritou's operations, in order to generate a unique and effective brand identity.

Demokritou is established in Paphos as a specialist in providing high standards in products and services related to plumbing, heating and cooling. Products include air conditioning, underfloor heating, conventional heating, ventilation, hot and cold water and solar systems. The company provides a full service, from surveying the site to ordering the products needed and carrying out the installation.


The branding structure process

Ultima advised Demokritou to look at the relationships between the proposed sub-brand and the company's overall strategic brand building. This technique helped Demokritou to respond to the questions that arose from this process:


What is the logic of the branding process?

Is it transparent to the client ?

Is it sensibly promoted with control and synergy?

Does it make sense to the organization?

Is there a risk of ad-hoc decision making that will lead to

strategic drift or an incoherent jumble of brands?



Ultima conducted an analysis of Demokritou's operations and found that its innovative image within the Cypriot Heating and Cooling Market was a major strength for a potential new brand.


We work with the client to ensure the effective launch and development of the requested brand.

The market

Demokritou Engineers Ltd was proud of the quality of its installations and the personal service it provided to its customers. This was clear from the company's use of the term "engineers" to describe the staff providing its services. The supply and installation of renewable energy products was an important USP for the company.

The competition

Before developing the brand identity, Ultima researched the company's major competitors and their marketing and branding activities in order to ensure that the Demokritou brand did not duplicate what others had already done.


The ideal market share

The company wanted to expand its operations to reach the entire Cypriot market. To achieve this, it was necessary to address competition within its areas of operation.

Target groups

Demokritou Engineers Ltd's target market included newly married couples, people moving to Cyprus from elsewhere, new companies such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, construction companies, and developers etc.


In response to the branding structure criteria highlighted above, Ultima examined alternative branding solutions and developed the slogan "Engineering Intelligence". This slogan, accompanied by a suitable corporate image; was designed to be accessible to the target group of consumers. The entire branding image was prepared in a way that reflected sophistication in relation to its appearance and its communications.

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