Ela Souvlaki

The challenge

Two ambitious and inspired partners sought Ultima's help to assist them in their dream of creating new standards and establishing new souvlaki eating habits. Ultima identified the forces which shape the Cypriot fast food market in order to generate a unique and effective brand identity.


Ultima researched the current market situation and concluded that one of the elements that could constitute a major strength for a potential new standard in souvlaki outlets might be the revolutionary innovative image and presentation that the company wanted to build within the traditional Cypriot fast food sector.

The branding structure process

Ultima carried out an extensive review of the brand architecture and established a range of factors that should be addressed to enable the new venture to maximise the market strength of the requested brand:


Brand profitability

Relative consumer value

Relative brand share and trend

Market sector position

Sales level and trend


Distribution and trade strength

Innovation record

Future potential

Awareness and loyalty

Investment support


By addressing these criteria, Ultima ensured the competitive strength of the proposed brand and its ability to survive and gain sufficient market share among its established competitors.

The market

This new venture targeted the Cyprus fast food market. Ultima defined its place within this market more specifically following a survey of the major players already active in the fast food sector in Cyprus.

The competition

According to the results of Ultima's research, 48% of respondents had visited a McDonalds during the last month, 16% and 14% had visited Pizza Hut and KFC respectively, and 22% had visited a souvlaki outlet.

Target groups

The company's aim was to reach the entire population of prospective Cypriot fast food buyers. However, in order to obtain this market size, it was necessary for the proposed venture to build market share by attacking established competitors such as McDonalds, firstly at the local level, followed by the regional and national levels.

The ideal market share

Within the previous decades, the wider fast food sector has experienced an extensive level of growth. This growth, however, has slowed considerably as the market has reached maturity. Ultima aimed to create a "cash cow" brand for this client, with the potential to obtain a large market share within a slow-growing mature market.


In response to the findings of the related research and the market situation, Ultima developed the Ela Souvlaki brand name; which can be easily understood by the targeted consumers, since it invites them to taste traditional souvlaki in a brand new international packaging.

The entire branding image of Ela Souvlaki has been done in a way that places souvlaki eating in a new international fast food context, with relevant presentation and communications.

The word "Ela" which is the Greek word for "Come" gives the brand name an inviting aura, and together with the bright colours of its design, it invites fast food eaters to come for a souvlaki. The use of red and yellow appeals to consumers since they are associated with some of the best known international fast food brands.

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