The challenge of taking an entity, understanding it and
turning it into a recognised, successful and singular brand
is what gets our creative juices flowing.

We never forget that, no matter how good the branding process or how clever the communication strategy, it's always going to be

about that definitive moment when the consumer interacts with your product or service.

Your marketing and branding will have little impact if the "moment of truth" is not a positive one.

By the same token, if the product or service lives up to the brand building and communication and the consumer has a positive reaction,

then they will always remember that moment or experience,

whether it's how it made them feel or the impression of an efficient customer service representative.

At Ultima, we focus all our attention on that experience.

After all, the brand needs a reaction from the consumer - and that experience must always be positive,

through all aspects of interaction.

Keeping it simplе

Simplicity is the key; there's no need to make things complicated. In essence, you want to communicate your brand to the world, whatever the parameters of that world are. We know all about promoting your brand, from a simple in-store poster to a multinational, through-the-line campaign; it's all about focused communication.

On target

Your brand is the only one of its kind for you – so how can we help you make it the only one of its kind for the consumer? Firstly, we focus on what the consumer needs and wants to feel; then we associate your brand with those needs and feelings. It's about forming the emotional link and getting the consumer to "live" the brand.

It's you

Once you've made the choice to embark on the branding journey with us, we can address the challenge of dealing with your brand: how you see it, how you want it to be seen and how we can get consumers to see it as "theirs".

Branding is a complex process.
Here are some of the key factors we can
help you address as we start to work together:

New brand development


Brand evolution

Brand updating

Competition from other brands

Keeping up to date with your clients

Making an impact in the retail environment

Brand understanding and loyalty

Contemporary and updated packaging and graphic image

International relevance

Presence amongst countless annual new product launches

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