The process

Getting to grips

To understand a brand in its entirety, we need to look at what the brand is and where it fits in its business environment. In order to position its identity, we need to study the brand within its own context.



Who are you? What is your brand saying? How do you want your brand to be known? How does it stand out - what is its point of difference?

What is the brand?

We start to really get to terms with your brand by studying your company's strategies, aims, objectives and mission. This understanding is at the heart of Ultima’s branding process. We also want to talk to your consumers, both existing and potential. We examine your current advertising and corporate marketing, along with those of your competitors, all within the wider context of the industry you are in.


Where does your brand fit into your company and its business environment? Is it a main product and how well is it supported?

Supplying strength

At Ultima we don't think it's clever to produce creative ideas that may look good, but do little in the long term for your brand.


As your communications partner, we want to

identify and understand your brand, makinge it stronger

and more effective for you.


To create the appropriate communication campaign, we fit the communication to the brand, not the other way round.

The customer is always right

We want to find out what drives your consumers, both existing and potential. We ask the following questions to help us tailor the brand and its subsequent communication:

Who are your most profitable consumers (those most likely to want your brand and to stay loyal to it)?

How do they choose your brand - what are the reasons they regard your brand as the one that best suits their needs or wants? How can you package the brand for your consumer to make it their only choice? This is where we create the right combination of the deciding factors that consumers use when choosing what to buy: product, packaging, price and placement.

How does the consumer feel once they enter a transaction to buy your product or service? Our research shows that one of the biggest deciding factors in today's hyper-competitive environment is the customer experience.


Asking the right questions

You need to ask the right questions to get the most productive answers out of your brand.
And because we like to see a return on your investment, we won't shy away from asking you the questions
that might make all the (profitable) difference:


How successful are your brands? Are they competitive? What if you had fewer brands, but owned more of your market?

Are your brands meeting enough customers' needs to cover most of the market?

Do you need to rethink your marketing spend to make your brands more profitable?

Does your current product portfolio have gaps which can be filled by new brands, or by changing existing brands?

Is it worth keeping brands which are not successful?