Affiliate Marketing

A profitable partnership

By placing advertising on variety of different websites, you can raise the profile of your business and gain access to new potential customers. You pay commission based on each visitor or customer directed to you from the affiliate's website.


Only pay when your ad hits the mark

The attraction of affiliate marketing lies in its transparency. Unlike traditional advertising with its fixed costs, affiliate programmes allow you to limit expenditure to activities that bring quality traffic to your website. We can set up simple, effective affiliate marketing campaigns that keep you in control of your advertising budget.

For all affiliate programmes, we:

help you choose the right affiliates

arrange your merchant account

present your pitch to affiliates

negotiate levels of commission

design your advertisements to place on affiliates’ sites

distribute editorial and advertising

handle all matters relating to recruitment of affiliates

maintain contact with affiliates on your behalf


At the heart of the affiliate marketing system is the relationship between merchant and affiliated website. We constantly monitor this relationship for a profitable outcome.