Website analytics

There are many powerful tools available to businesses to analyse online business performance. Our analytics experts produce detailed information on where your business is working well, and where it could do better.

Armed with the correct tools, you benefit from valuable, detailed information about your website and all the activities that take place on it. Investment in analytics pays for itself many times over as you begin to understand and measure activities in all parts of your website. You will wonder how you managed your online presence without it.


Analytics: it’s all in the details

Our analytics package includes:

Highly detailed measurement of all aspects of your website

Help with your search engine strategy

Practical assistance to focus your targeting more effectively

Advice on what to change to improve ROI


A good analytics programme gives you a bird’s eye view of the customer experience, revealing the ways in which your website could improve to provide a better online experience. This helps you convert prospects and find good referrers.

Key aspects of our approach to analytics

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; you get one-on-one attention

We tailor the programme to the specific needs of your business

You benefit from our wide range of metrics and key performance indicators

We track developments over time with regular, detailed reporting


Information is everywhere – analytics enables you to interpret it. Your company is in safe hands with our analytics tools. Each of our clients receives a customised analytics programme with advanced data analysis to address real life issues in business.