Online PR

Many businesses use PR agencies to help them reach their corporate goals and overcome problems. As online media consumption increases, this is creating a specialist niche for online PR work.

At Ultima, we have a track record in dealing with public relations challenges affecting both online and offline media. This allows us to approach your PR requirements in a balanced way that takes account of all potential sources of comment about your business.


We can get people talking about you

There are many new media outlets for communications, and each of these should be actively managed to protect your company’s image. Blogs, forums, social networking sites and citizen journalism all produce huge amounts of opinion and information about the corporate world. With our online PR service, you can stay on top of what is being said – and influence it positively.

Use the power of online PR to:

raise public awareness about your company

attract buyers for your products and services

enhance your website ranking with new links

Our online PR services include:

a communications plan tailored to your needs

a structured programme of PR activities

a portfolio of contact methods such as, blogs, forum posts,

online press releases, book marking,

competitions and promotions,

viral campaigns and reader offers

proactive work to protect your reputation

active pursuit of qualified links to

enhance search engine rankings

usable facts and figures about your online profile

measurable strategies to improve

your standing in the marketplace

thorough follow-up with regular reports