Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Making search work for you

As consumers become more inclined to shop online, visibility on search engines is increasingly important to companies of all kinds. Having a high ranking on Google is critical to any business that relies on search to attract new customers. The competition is tough – research shows that customers do not have the patience to surf through more than the top pages of the major search engine results. Search engine optimisation (SEO) has emerged to help businesses enhance their ranking.

By using a good SEO service, you can ensure that the content of your website qualifies for high rankings with Google and other search engines.

Key elements of SEO

We provide:

A thorough study of your existing site

Contextual study of the market

Help with identifying strong keywords

Detailed optimisation work on your entire site

Submission to the top search engines

Enhanced ranking with inbound links

Advice on how to get search engines to ‘deep crawl’ your website

Paid-for inclusion where applicable

Ongoing reports on your search engine visibility