SEO Analysis

Growing numbers of companies are committing resources to search engine optimisation (SEO). This trend is based on the recognition that organic search results can attract high quality site visitors. But the major search engines change their ranking criteria constantly. To enhance the effectiveness of SEO, it is necessary to regularly revisit your strategy and adjust it to improve search engine rankings and click-through rates. This is where we can help by offering SEO analysis to help you meet the demands of Google and other major search engines.

We will work closely with you, putting our considerable resources to work on your company’s behalf to find out whether your SEO strategy is right for you.

Fortunately, SEO uses measurable criteria to enhance the profile of your website. We study your company’s performance and report on what we find. The aim is to boost both your rankings and the ROI of your online business.


Building visibility through better rankings

By understanding how well your SEO strategy is working today, you can plan for the future and secure a higher organic search ranking. Over time, this will enable you to reduce spend on pay per click and other paid search methods.

Ultima’s SEO analysis includes:

a thorough survey of how your website ranks currently

a report on your strengths and weaknesses in search listings

advice on strategies to improve your search engine ranking


SEO analysis is a valuable tool. By learning how the search engines rank your site, you can shape your business communications to reach more of your target market.