Website Traffic Analysis

You may already have the software available to analyse traffic on your website. But do you know how to interpret the data this software supplies? We produce meaningful analysis that will enable you to attract quality traffic to your site.


A spotlight on your users

Our professional website traffic analysis will tell you a great deal about your existing visitors and help you to recognise opportunities to convert prospects to customers. You will also benefit from the chance to cross-sell and to plan better campaigns.

The real value of traffic analysis

Our service provides information on

how effective each page of your site is

at prompting click-throughs

which keywords and phrases work best for your business

who is visiting your site and whether they

are unique or return visitors

which are the best referring URLs

which pages perform best in generating sales

how long users remain on the site and where they drop off

Better ROI through traffic analysis

Traffic analysis will enable you to make improvements to your current SEO strategy and target your communications more effectively. You can cut expenditure in the areas it is least productive, and produce campaigns that will reach the right people.